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Evaluation – Week 24

It seems like this would be a time to do an evaluation.


I came to this course with a Blueprint, with habits and with an unclear awareness of my PPN’s. I’d like to share some of my insights.

Blueprint – I wasn’t aware of the term blueprint before this course. Throughout the past months I’ve had awarenesses of when I am stuck in my old blueprint. Without consciousness, it’s easy to stay in the comfortable place of my old blueprint. Through the MKMMA program I’ve learned to awaken my consciousness and develop my new blueprint.

Habits- I’m sure all of us came to this program with both good and bad habits. Through this course, I’ve learned to purposefully choose good habits and crowd out the bad habits.

PPN’s – I wasn’t even aware of this term prior to the MKMMA course. I’ve seen tremendous growth in Spiritual Growth – which makes sense since I have put a lot of time and effort in this area. I believe my growth in this area has lead to my ability to further my other PPN of Liberty. This has been slower growing than I would like, but I am aware that I am moving along the path.

As commencement approaches, I’m feeling good. I’m glad I made the commitment months ago. I’m glad I spent my Sunday evenings and this course with people throughout the world that took this journey with me.

Thank you, my fellow travelers. Thank you to our journey guides – Mark J, Davene & Trish


Receiving – Week 23

As the structured part of the course winds down, I’m aware that I could have done a better job of staying true to this process. I feel a little sad that I could have made more progress in furthering my growth. This is a challenging course.

A round of applause to those who stayed fully with all the exercises.


On the other hand, I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made. This is a new blueprint I’m developing…

What’s the saying ?
Rome wasn’t built in a day.


It wasn’t built in 26 weeks either.

This week I was introduced to the concept of developing my ability to receive. I’m in the midst of reading this book and adding the exercises.


This seems to be another compliment to the MKMMA program.


Here we are in Week 22 already…WOW When we started this journey last October – well, it seemed like a long journey. All of a sudden, we are nearing the end of the MKMMA program.

This week we have been asked to consider being in silence. Silence for hours, a day or even longer – I immediately had a dichotomy of feelings.

There’s a part of me that relishes the thought of being in silence.

Have you read Eat, Pray, Love ?


It’s a story of a woman’s journey of finding herself. Her first stop is Italy where she studies Italian and eats, eats & eats. I found the seeming gluttony of this portion of her journey uncomfortable. From there, she traveled in India. She spent time in an ashram being in silence, chanting and meditating. This was a BIG Ahhhh for me. There was something very peaceful about this portion of her journey.

Of course, she was away. She had no responsibilities other than to herself.

When Mark asked us to consider this, I thought what a great retreat idea! I came up with several reasons why I can’t do it into regular life. I have a family, a business, networking events, appointments scheduled and prospecting to do, etc.

This week I even had jury duty!


Yet, it sounds so appealing. Maybe I’ll schedule it for the future.

So, I haven’t taken the time yet – and the weekend is here. My husband is home, my daughter is home from college and we have plans with friends—-When?

I don’t know if I will be able to get a day in. I will commit to finding a few hours this coming week. A day—-I’m still planning on making that happen.

In the meantime, I’ll relish my silent night.


Last week I wrote about pressure and how difficult I find reading Scroll V, as it touches a place of pressure in me that is paralyzing.

I am happy to be letting go of this scroll, letting go of the pressure it triggers in me.

Bring on Scroll VI!


As I continue my work to further my PPN of Spiritual Growth , I understand how living with pressure is not furthering my progress.

As I read the Master Key lesson I feel an aaaaahhhhhaaaaa.

21.1 The real secret power is consciousness of power. The Universal Mind is unconditional; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and we become emancipated or freed from conditions we cone into a realization of the unconditional. We have become Free!



21.4 … become conscious of this power is to become a “live wire”; it has the same effect as placing an ordinary wire in contact with a wire that is charged. The Universe is the live wire.

Wow… I think Davene called it the wiggles. I identify it as the energy charging through my body– raising my vibration .


21.26. The Divine Mind is the Universal Mind; it makes no exceptions, it plays no favorites; it does not act through sheer caprice or from anger, jealousy or wrath; neither can it be flattered, cajoled or moved by sympathy or petition to supply man with some need which he thinks necessary for his happiness or even existence. The Divine Mind makes no exceptions in favor any individual understands and realizes his Unity with the Universal principle he will appear to be favored because he will have found the source if all health, wealth, and all power.

This verse feels like the ultimate attainment. Free of pressure. Free of anger, jealousy, fears or other manipulative factors.

I’ve recently had this demonstrated to me in conversations furthering my Spiritual Growth. One of the things I’ve been working on, is practicing this in my business encounters.

Detach from the result. Freedom. Freedom from pressure.

Business is a lot more fun. The interesting thing is it’s turning out to be fruitful too. Connecting my work on my PPN of Spiritual Growth to my PPN of Liberty in this way—I didn’t see this coming.

I feel I just might be emerging from the chaos…that feels good.

Pressure. I’m feeling a lot of pressure.


And Scroll V is not helping. When I read, “I live this day as if it is my last’— Pressure

I feel it more now that I’ve removed the word will from my readings. This song keeps running through my head.


“Under Pressure”

Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you, no man ask for
Under pressure that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

It’s the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming, “Let me out!”
Tomorrow gets me higher

I know for some, pressure may be motivating. For me, it feels crippling.

Much like these tools for expansion….fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness. They’ve kept me from moving into action.

I’ve related a lot if this MKMMA course to the Human Relations Program I am taking congruently. Usually, I’m citing a similarity or an aha from these programs and readings.


One of the things I’ve been working on is discovering why I go to this place of pressure and learning to grow – not from a place of pressure.

So is Scroll V to blame for putting me in this place of pressure? Or is it part of my compass directing me to do the work on why I have been triggered into this place of pressure?

I think I’ll have a sit on that.


Maybe it’s time reflect on last weeks post regarding the movie I Am.

Queen came to the same conclusion in these lyrics.

‘Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

Taking this course, working my business & working on my personal development—furthering my PPN’s—-it’s all colliding.

I’m in the second year of the HRP program at HFI. One of my intentions is to be present…. In the now.

Scroll V of Og reminds us that today may be all we have. That once the sands pass through the hourglass , they can’t be sucked back up. If that is true, what am I doing with today.

This week I viewed the fascinating Tom Shadyac documentary I AM.

i am

Throughout the film Tom seeks answers to the questions;

What’s wrong with the world?
What can we do about it?

I won’t recap the entire film here. I recommend you check it out, I know I’ll watch it again.
He interviews different people interspersed with images of affluence and poverty.

During one interview a recap of a discussion with the Dali Lama was retold. He was asked, What is the most important meditation we can do now ?

The answer was- Critical thinking followed by action. Discern what your world is. Know the plot, the scenario of this human drama. Then figure out where your talents might fit in to make a better world. And each of us must do something that makes our heart sing, because no one will want to do it with us if we are not passionate and inspired.

R2A2. Knowledge without action

identitycrisis copy_860

This past weekend I went to a workshop where we were prompted to find our identity, to enable us to create pull energy vs push energy. That thing that truly defines us, who we truly are.

As the film continues, GK Chesterton responds to the question

What’s wrong with our world ?
with the answer–


Through his process, Tom Shadyac answers the question,

What can we do about it?


A new question is raised-
What’s right with the world?

The hope is that one day we all answer this additional question with two simple words.

What’s right in the world ?


You can’t eliminate poverty, but you can help one. Everybody has the power of one.

My favorite quote from the film — the one I carry with me.


“The sea is really only drops of water that have come together.”

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